Up Antennae!

I’m almost two days late!! Anyway, better late than never… Yashvi asked me to tell you the most important things I’ve learnt in college. I’m in the first year of my BA, about halfway through it, and it seems a little strange to be looking back already. But learning is so continuous (and I don’t … More Up Antennae!


History is a subject that has always fascinated me, and I believe it is important to me because it tells stories. I live and breathe stories, and I cannot put into words well enough the importance of them in my life. There are small childhood memories of encyclopedias, DK CDs called ‘I Love History’ or … More History

Friends of Fantasy.

This piece is inspired by the kind of writing that is called ArtParasites. (You can check them out here.) It is where a piece of art is used as an explanation or illustration of a piece of writing. Here, I have used a drawing of Calvin and Hobbes, heroes of my favourite serialised cartoon strip … More Friends of Fantasy.


These aren’t recent songs, just songs I’ve heard recently, that I quite liked. Uptight, by Imagine Dragons This one is rather upbeat and I relate to it a little bit. Kitchen Sink, by twenty one pilots I love everything this song is trying to say. It tries to talk a bit about what goes on … More Four-play

A Short Review

Note: After having given me the topic about my favourite item of clothing, Sahir asked me if I could watch a certain short film and review it instead, so that’s what I’ll be doing today. Interior Café Night: A Short Film (watch it; it’s only 13 minutes long!) This film about two people who were, at … More A Short Review